SOCIAL RULES: 28 examples of social media policies and advice to beef yours up

A good social media policy like reinforced does the heavy lifting out of sight and can be juist as useful.

I’ve been involved with several and know they can be a bit of a devil to draw-up, agree, get signed off and then stick to.

So, I thought it useful to blog some examples which date from the last few years.

A good social media policy sets out how staff can use it and also how the organisation will use it.

You want iyt to be simple, clear and easy to follow. You also want it publsihed so people can see it. I’m puzzled at how so often people will bury theirs like an unwanted Christmas jumper.

Reading through the examples – and there are some fine examples for 2023 it struck me that there are a couple of things a robust policy needs to include.

Set out how the organisation will broadly use social media

You want this to be some clear basic principles.

So, we’ll use the best platform to reach the right audience is good.

We’ll use MySpace for the kids and Twitter for BeBo for customer services will really hem you in.

Set out how staff can use it and not use it

Again , broad principles are good. For the most part linking your code of conduct to also include social media does most of what’s needed.

The General Medical Council’s policy is aimed at how doctors can use it, for example, and they pull in existing good medical practice guidance before adding some other things around confidentiality and boundaries.

I also like University Hospitals Dorset’s policy as it covers how the organisation will use it but also staff out-of-hours too. They quote human rights legislation to defend their right to a voice but also spell out what will get them into trouble with codes of practice.

Beefing up the support

One thing I did see missing from some of the polocies was robust support for those using social media for the organisation.

It was good to see ‘trolling’ raised as an issue but I’d beef that up with reference to the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance on abuse in the workplace which covers abuse online, too.

Social media policy examples


Scottish Government.

Government Digital Service – UK Government

Student Loans Company (for staff)


Information Commissioners Office (for staff)

Local government

Bristol City Council

Middlesborough Council

Lincoln City Council [We transfer]

Fire and rescue

Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue [WeTransfer]


Merseyside Police

Association of Chief Police Officers

Metropolitan Police

Higher education 

University of Exeter

University of Belfast (for students)

University of Belfast (for staff) 

University of Keele

University of Reading


NHS Wales social media policy

NHS England

NHS Digital

NHS 24 (Scotland)

NHS University Hospitals Dorset

Professional bodies

Nursing and Midwifery Council.

General Medical Council (for doctors)

British Association of Social Workers (for social workers)

National Park

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority [WeTransfer]


Charity Commission

Charity Comms  

MacMillan Cancer (for staff)

Thanks to everuyone who flagged policies and sent through policies they didn’t mind sharing with a WeTransfer link.

Shout in the comments if you have any you’d like me to add.

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