Portrait video has evolved to be the key driver of content.

TikTok has taken the world by storm with more than a billion users falling for the entertainment of portrait video, music and trends.

Reels have become vital to Meta’s strategy being a key driver for Instagram and Facebook.

Portrait video has a whole new language to it that you can discover in this workshop.

Your approach needs bespoke content that will work on the platform and we’ll show you how.

We’ll give you the essential skills you’ll need from the strategy, basics and more advanced skills.

We’ll look at:

  • Where portrait video needs to fit into your content strategy.
  • Best practice.
  • Tips on building a channel and working with trends.
  • A process to decide if portrait, landscape or even any video is the answer.
  • Where portrait video can help with stories as well as TikTok and Reels.
  • How to edit using the native tools.
  • How to edit using the best external tools.
  • How to easily add sub-titles and titles.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of copyright and accessibility.
  • How to work with creators to make more noise.

Who is this for?

The workshop is for comms and marketing people working in and around the public and third sectors. It is designed to be accessible to people with no or limited video experience as well as extensive. You can have never picked up TikTok or be an accomplished user.

Who are the trainers?

The workshop is delivered by Dan Slee and Julia Higginbottom in 2022 specially for delivery online.

Julia is an established filmmaker and videographer who has worked across the UK. Dan has helped deliver video training since 2016. He helped pioneer the first workshops to offer training on making films with smartphones and tablets.

Past clients NHS Digital, McDonalds, Home Office, HMRC, Fife Council, Cornwall Council, MacMillan Cancer and Hampshire Fire and Rescue.

The programme is delivered in THREE bite size two hour sessions delivered across Zoom.

Session #1 Strategy (2 hrs)

  • Where portrait video sits in the media landscape.
  • Best practice.
  • Understanding the algorithms.
  • Working with trends.
  • Understanding optimum length.
  • Basic shooting.

Session #2 Basic shooting and editing (2 hrs)

  • How channels build followers.
  • Understanding optimum length.
  • Basic shooting.
  • Basic editing.

Session #3 Advanced shooting and editing (2 hrs)

  • Advanced editing.
  • Green screen and other tricks.
  • Staying the right side of the law with accessibility, GDPR and copyright.


A month of support and coaching while you are getting to grips with the platform.

As a bonus… tea or coffee?

One of the things I miss from in-person training is the decent refreshments that come with it. So, everyone who signs up has the option to have sent to them a box of Teapigs tea or a bag of specially roasted coffee ground by a specialist coffee maker. That and some stickers, postcards and a Tunnocks teacake.

Programme #1 FINAL PLACE

Session #1 20.9.22 at 10am Session #2 20.9.22 at 1pm Session #3 21.9.22 at 10am

Programme #2 NEW

Session #1 21.10.22 at 10am Session #2 21.10.22 Session #3 at 1pm 2.11.22 at 10am

Programme #3 LAST FEW PLACES

Session #1 3.11.22 at 10am Session #2 3.11.22 at 1pm Session #3 4.11.22 at 10am



Be like more than 3,000 people who I’ve trained over the past eight years.

Drop me a note on the webform below letting me know which programme and how many spaces you’d like. Or drop an email to


A place on the programme costs £225 + VAT with a 20 per cent discount for a block booking of five or more.


Even better.

Get the whole team on the same page.

In-house sessions for your team at dates and times to suit you are available. Depending on team size we can run the each session at 90 minutes to make them more interactive.

My privacy notice is here.


My privacy notice is here.

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