Workshop: Video


Why good video training matters

It’s important in a changing landscape that you keep up to speed with the right skills to do your job.

Some things, like comms planning and evaluation, are timeless and remain essential.

Video is transforming how people communicate.

Almost 80 per cent of the internet is video and YouTube is the most popular search engine for under 24s. But how much do comms, PR, marketing, designers and frontline people know about video?

You’d like a hand with that? That’s why my co-trainer and I were the first to offer bespoke training for comms people.

We’ll look at:

  • Being smarter and knowing the video landscape.

  • Helpful insight on optimum video lengths are channel-by-channel.

  • Effective tricks on how best to hold your phone, focus and compose your shot.

  • Plan smarter for more effective video using BBC principles.

  • Shoot a compelling interview using an establishing shot, cutaways.

  • Reach a bigger audience by editing and adding text and subtitles.

  • Add suitable music to add power to your film and know where to find it.

  • What smart budget kit to use to improve your sound.

  • How to stay legally safe with GDPR, copyright law and PSBAR legislation.

  • What best practice looks like.


The workshop is delivered by Dan Slee.

We were the first in the UK to offer bespoke training for comms people and we’ve trained more than 2,500 people across the public, private, and charity sectors including NHS Digital, McDonalds, Home Office, HMRC, Fife Council, Cornwall Council, MacMillan Cancer and Hampshire Fire and Rescue.


“This was the best and most engaging video workshop I’ve been to in my career. Great presenters, compelling content and never a dull moment.” – Michele Jeuken, head of communications, Cornwall Council

“If you’re thinking of adding video to your social output but need some advice, this is the course for you. Packed full of information, useful advice, practical exercises and delivered in an easy, informal way, I can highly recommend!” Claire Jennings, Marketing Officer, Middlesbrough Council

“The video skills course was first class. Everything was explained in easy to understand terms, especially when it came to shooting and editing footage. I came away with a lot more knowledge and confidence to get out there and do it. And the cake was great as well.” Bob Dow, Hub North Scotland

You can drop me a line about running an in-house session too.  Even easier.


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