Social media reviews

A social media review is a chance to take a look at the channels you are using to see if they’re the right ones and also see how they are performing.

My first social media review was in 2010 and since then I’ve run many building up a bank of expertise.

It can be time consuming to run a review and you don’t always have the time which is where I can come in.

Here’s an infographic of the framework I use.

The review falls into four phases.


I’ll look at partners, traditional media, geography, business and mionorities.


I’ll look at what UK data suggests is the platforms different age groups will be using.


I’ll look at how your channels are performing.


I’ll pull the data and recommendations together in a report for you.


The number of social media channels grows every year and it can be tricky to navigate these and the value they add in a fast moving and ever changing landscape. With Dan’s help, we’ve been empowered to think more strategically about which channels we use and why with evidence and benchmarking from elsewhere. Dan’s review has also helped to ensure we are spending our time on these channels in the most effective way.

Rob Mansfield, head of communications, conference & events, Brent Council

“Dan’s step-by-step review helped us declutter hundreds of accounts, focus our practice and gather the evidence we needed to engage services. We’re connecting with people and groups in new and better ways as a result – it’s a great process.”

Val Miller, head of communications, Fife Council.

“Dan took a look at what we were doing with social media to help us be more effective with the time we have. His knowledge proved invaluable for us here at the Watersmeet venue and allowed us to refocus what we are doing onto the channels that matter. He also helped with training so we could really put the learning into practice. We found his approach really useful and would recommend him.” 

– Judy Simpson, Marketing & Campaigns Manager for Three Rivers District Council. 


Drop me a line, I’d be happy to have a chat.

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