30 days of human comms #59 Transport for Greater Manchester road signs

I’ve never thought that human comms was a digital thing.

You know it when you see it and Transport for Greater Manchester have hit upon a rich seam with their road signs.

Rather than give bald travel advice they use wit and style to get their message across.

By doing this the signs evolve from an offline thing – IRL as my son would say – to something that gets posted and shared online.

Ahead of the crunch Manchester United v West Ham game that the home team needed to win…

United need three points but you don’t!!! slow down.

You can see it here.

Ahead of Manchester United v Barcelona…

Pique time will be Messi

What happens when road signs speak human?

They get noticed and they get shared.

Bravo, road sign people of Manchester.


Thanks to Nick Hill for flagging this.

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