APP LIST: A list of useful android apps for busy comms people



A few weeks back I was asked for a list of decent apps that I’d recommend for comms people and that always gets me thinking.

Rather than a list of things that look great but never use here’s a list of apps that I do use on a regular basis and that I’d hate to delete from my phone.

Some I use to create content while others are for keeping tabs on things.

I’ve taken as a given the main social channels of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. I’ve also taken it as read that if you are an android user you’re using things like Google sheets, docs and forms.

As I’m an android user, these apps are android. You may well find equivalents in the app store.

Capturing and storing

Screenshot Touch

Sometimes you find yourself scrolling through your timeline and see a tweet or a post that catches your eye.

If you do need and you need to capture it then this app is really handy.

Launch it and you’ll have a camera icon on the screen that you can use to take pictures that are saved to your gallery.

You can download it on android here.



Seen something handy posted online that you’d like to save for later?

The Pocket app is a really useful way to save things. Rather like a pocket library Pocket acts to save your links.

Aside from saving your own links, you can also use key words to search for content on a particular content. So, need a look at everything on Facebook advertising that’s been saved by Pocket subscribers you can dive in.

You can download Pocket on android here.




This app captures records what is on your screen at a particular moment in time.

You launch the app and then you hit record.

The video is saved as an mp4 clip in your gallery that you can use as a separate video later.  Useful for capturing a timeline or a Periscope live video.

Caution: it’s not great at recording sound and will record you coughing after you hit the red button.

You can download Mobizen here.


Creating content


GIF Maker Editor

The GIF is a firmly established way of looping a clip or a set of images.

GIF Maker Editor is a way to create your own GIFs that you take from someone else’s video or your own video.

This saves the GIF to your own device and allows you to repost.

So, that video of your brother or sister falling over a banana skin can have a life longer than just a quick guffaw.

You can download GIF Maker Editor for android here.


Zombodroid Meme generator

When Sean Bean dies the obituary may well say that the One Simple Does Not man has died.

An image that communicates a point through some of the raw materials of pop culture.

You can add text to the image to make the point you want to make.

This app allows you to access established memes as well as upload your own images for the meme treatment.

You can download the Zombodroid meme generator here.

meme generator


Adding images to the internet?

The Phonto app allows you to upload images and layer text on them.

Handy for events, posters and a way to add text to brighten up an image you are about to post.

Once created, the image is saved to your device as a jpg.

You can download the Phonto app for android here.




The kinemaster app is the flagship of the forest of editing apps. For this I doff my cap to my workshop colleague Steven Davies.

It can edit in portrait, landscape or square as well as add cutaways, music, text and sub-titles.

This is perfect for topping and tailing your content.

You can download the Kinemaster for android here.


Framelapse Pro

Clouds scudding across the sky and workmen building a bridge.

There is a way to capture video as a framelapse which allows you to capture 24-hours of activity as a 60-second clip.

The advantage of this app is that you can tailor how long the clip will last against how long the activity will take place.

You can download the Framelapse Pro app for android here.

framelapse pro

1 Second A Day

This app allows you to create a video diary capturing a second of every day.

Somewhere between a framelapse and a diary this app is a fun way to capture video content.

I love it. Credit to Sophie Ballinger for spotting this.

My children acting the goat? The view from the train? It’s in the movie.

You can download the 1 Second A Day for android here.

1 second



Maybe, you want to make it look like a pencil drawing in the manner of an A-ha video. Or perhaps a piece of pop art. This app allows you to do that.


You can create a clip that stands out hugely.

You can download the glitcho app for android here.



There is something glorious about looking back at old video footage.

If you were posh enough to own a VHS camera, you’ll have footage which jumps slightly and has tracking lines through them.

You can download VHS Cam for android here.


Twitter Video downloader

It’s tricky as heck getting an app that will rip a YouTube video. I’ve not seen anything that can really work.

However, this app works well in ripping video from Twitter. You can change the resolution from 1280 to a space-saving 320.

Of course, the usual rules apply of not breaching other people’s copyright. Don’t. On your head be it.

You can download the Twitter Video Downloader here.

twitter downloader





Snapseed hands down is marvellous.

You can edit with a comprehensive range of tools that a few years ago you’d have to pay serious money for.

There are 11 set template styles and 28 tools contained here.

About 10 years ago, the free Google product was still behind the paid-for platforms. That’s understandable. But this free Google product is an excellent way to edit images on the go.

You can download the snapseed for android here.





Instagram is a huge platform that focuses on images and video.

The Regrann app allows you in effect to retweet something that’s caught your eye which has been posted by someone else.

The app lets you to cut and paste while adding an acknowledgement to the author.

If you are running a corporate instagram account this is really handy as it allows you to share other people’s content.

You can download regrann for android here.






White Noise – calm concentrate

I spent years working in offices and find that being around people meant I got more done. It also meant I got less done with daft interruptions. 

So, the White Noise app is a happy medium between the idea of working in a work environment and not having to listen to people saying ‘if you’ve got a minute.’

Rain is the most productive part of this.

If only I could work in an open plan office on the top of Haystacks in the Lake District.

You can download the White Noise – calm, concentrate app here.

white noise




Slack has almost cultish devotees who use it to plan their lives and the lives of their team. 

I’m not quite at that stage of a relationship with the product but it is useful in working with people.

You can download Slack for android here.




It’s been 10 years almost since I started this blog and I’d be lost without it.

WordPress is the platform of choice. It’s hands-down the best platform for writing and chucking up content.

You can download wordpress for android here.


That’s my list. What’s yours?

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