TikTok is a fascinating platform and is now a genuine contender for the most important channel you can use.

But what are the numbers? Who is using it? Isn’t the public sector banned from it?

In this post I’ll look to tackle those questions which are ones I often get asked.

How many TikTok users are there in the UK in 2023?

Fresh Ofcom data has put TikTok right at the heart of the social media landscape in the UK in surprising ways. 

It has moved from the fringe to become central to the social media landscape. The demographics are vital. A majority of under 35s use it and heading for a majority of under 44-year-olds.

16 to 24-year-olds 75 per cent use TikTok

25 to 34-year-olds 63 per cent use TikTok

35 to 44-year-olds 44 per cent use TikTok

45 to 54-year-olds 32 per cent use TikTok

55 to 64-year-olds 19 per cent use TikTok

65+ 5 per cent use use TikTok

Can you use TikTok when the UK Government have banned it from their devices? 

UK Government has banned the use of TikTok on UK Government phones. Does that mean they can’t use it? No. Grant Shapps says he’ll still use it as his TikTok is on a phone that his government emails aren’t on.  

You work in the public sector. Does that mean that you can’t use it? No.

What are good public sector TikTok accounts?

  1. South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue. With 150,000 followers they use trends as a starting point and weave in the messages they need about recruitment, fire safety and youth engagement. 
  2. Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust. With 35,000 followers they are making a name for health advice aimed at young people. This shows you don’t have to follow the trends.
  3. Charlotte Maidment. An occupational therapist who uses TikTok in a private capacity where she talks about her husband’s struggles with depression and what that’s like for her. More influencer than corporate account. 
  4. Mayor of London. Sadiq Khan’s office which comments on news and makes announcements. A good corporate account with a human face.
  5. Doncaster Council. Strong local government content. 
  6. English Heritage. A charity with a strong heritage ethos that museums services can learn from.
  7. Dr Karan Raj. An NHS doctor who talks about medical things in an engaging way.
  8. Dr Julie Smith. A clinical psychologist for the NHS who creates teenager-friendly content. 
  9. Museumgirlemily. An American woman who works in a museum and talks about her job. 
  10. Palmerston North City Council. A really good New Zealand council that delivers messages as upright videos that work well on TikTok.

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