SOCIAL MEDIA REVIEW: Using radio station data in your review

I blogged a short while ago about the importance of running a social media review. One thing to do while doing this is to look at radio data, too.

Ofton radio stations are not juist a radio station but they’ve also got a social media footprint, too.

A key tool in assessing the importance of a radio station are RAJAR figures. You can find 2022’s 4th quarter figures here for example.

Local to me is BBC Radio WM, for example. In an area where 2.3 million live they reach 239,000 or 10 per cent of the population.

That’s great for listeners but they also have a Facebook page here with 49,000 likes. Scroll through and tyou’ll see the kind of content that they’ll post. Here, there’s 23 Facebook updates in seven days. That’s roughly three a day. Way behind something like the Birmingham Post & Mail – or Birmingham Live online – who post up to 60 times a day. Much of WM’s content cross promotes what is on BBC Sounds, rather than fresh news. As a comms person, I’d place them on the map online but I’d be keener to influence the radio schedule.

But who is the audience? For BBC Local Radio 58 per cent are aged over 55. That can really help you pin down not just the radio station’s audience but the potential audience you can tap into.

Always, look at things afresh rather than do things because you’ve always done it.

For more information about SOCIAL MEDIA REVIEWS head here.

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