LEARNING TIME: 7 key points from the Meta/GWI Mind the Gap report

I keep telling comms people that the key task they have is to ‘educate the client’.

If you’re up to speed with the data then you can give the best advice.

But not everyone has the time to read the data so, reader allow me to fill you in on the Meta/GWI ‘Mind the Gap: Understanding the Media Landscape and Why It Matters’ report here.

It’s a useful download that includes the UK and Ireland as well as other global markets.

In short, we consumed more media during the pandemic and those habits have not rebounded. This is going to be useful for comms and PR people.

Here’s 7 key points

43 per cent of people watched short form video in the last week. That’s a sizable number that shows how viewing habits are changing and evolving. It’s the number one form of content.

Reels use has grown to 32 per cent. Since the vertical format was introduced in 2020 UK and Ireland users have been growing.

Time spent on social media every day is just short of two hours. For the average user, one hour and 53 minutes is spent scrolling, watching, reading, hearing and posting content to friends, family and community. That’s a big chunk of time.

Live video usage is at 17 per cent. Almost a fifth have jumped on a live video in the past month. It’s by no means universal but it represents a substantial chunk of the market.

How to videos are popular with 27 per cent watching a tutorial in the past week. The how to is firmly part of the media landscape.

More people – 37 per cent – find out about new products or brands through social media than they do from word-of-mouth. There’s a three per cent advantage on the socials against hearing recommendations from those close to you.

Under 24s watch the most video but over 45s are not far behind. Research says 61 per cent of Millenials and Gen Z have seen any kind of video online in the past week against 45 per cent for Gen X and boomers.

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