GONE CAMPING: What CommscampNorth is and isn’t

Next week sees the return of CommscampNorth the on-tour unconference for public sector comms people.

We’ll be in Bradford on October 13 with 200 tickets issued. They went in six minutes. No, there’s none left.

Seeing as people still often ask what this exactly is I thought I’d run through what this is and isn’t.

What it is isn’t and what it is:

It’s not a conference with an agenda published weeks and months in advance. The agenda gets decided on the day.

Attendees decide the agenda. That way we can be flexible and put on sessions that the room wants.

There isn’t a fixed agenda everyone has to sit through. There’s upwards of 20 sessions and you can pick which work for you.

Anyone can pitch a session idea. You don’t have to be someone who has an extensive track record of public speaking.

We leave job titles at the door. That way a communications assistant in their first job has just as much right to speak as a veteran with decades of experience. 

We don’t bombard you with sales pitches to sell you tickets for weeks and months. They’re free and always will be. 

We’re run by volunteers. Not by a business with a profit to make.

There is no power point.  Because we think you’ve had enough of it in the day job.

You don’t have to sit through a session. If you’ve got enough out of the session you can use the Law of Mobility and head somewhere else. 

Our sponsors won’t stand up and try and flog you stuff. They’re good people doing good work. We only have good people here.

You don’t have to like cake. But if you’ll do you’ll really, really like the cake table.

And that’s it.

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