VIDEO GRAB: A clip with a five-year-old that creates an invisible force field

I’ll never stop loving this clip.

A five-year-old stars in a short Wigan Council video to promote recyckling.

“Hello, I’m Ember. I’m five, lets talk to me about recycling.”

She talks about what you need to do and why you should do it.

I often show it during training and the feedback is enthusiastic.

One of the points I make is that adding real people to your content means that you have a team of people ready to click on it and they’ll boost the algorithm.

Not only that, but you create an invisible forcefield around the post against trolls. You’re not shouting at the council, if you do, you’re shouting at a five year old and her family.

Have a look and watch it if you’ve not seen it.

Eternal praise to those at Wigan Council who had a role in making it.

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