CHANGE #1: You may not need your own Facebook profile to be an admin soon

It’s a punch up almost as old as time… and it looks as though it may change.

Basically, Facebook have always insisted on you having one profile and one profile only.

This means they’re able to see who is admin of what to help cut down on abuse, fake content and general unpleasantness.

How this has played out is that people in the team you want to assign as admins have had to use their own Facebook profile to be added as admins.

This has been a bone of contention for many years for a minority public sector comms people.

“We don’t want to use our own profiles,” the argument runs, “because we want to keep a barrier between work and home. Or we hate Facebook. Or we think someone really will somehow click through to our holiday photos.”

My advice has always been really simple.

If you want to be admin use your own profile. If you won’t use your own profile you can’t be an admin. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t whatever you do make a fake one or have a shared fake on.

You’re at serious risk of being spotted by Facebook and the profile deleted without warning and with itm access to a page.

But wait…

Things may be about to change

According to CNet, there’s the whiff of change in the air with Facebook profiles.

Facebook Is Testing a Way to Add Multiple Profiles to an Account

The social network says users will be able to add up to five profiles to their Facebook account.

Now Facebook is testing a way for users to create up to five profiles linked to one account. Facebook said that switching between the profiles will require only two taps. 

The experiment shows how the site has been trying to evolve beyond just a place to share updates with family 

Now, whether this is something Facebook follow through is as much of a guess as anything.

But it definitely is worth keeping a weather eye on as this could change how people become page admins. It may also change how public sector people engage with Facebook groups.

Whatever you do, don’t jump the gun. Don’t go changing off and making fake profiles that aren’t you at all.

Wait and see what Facebook have to say. Many ideas get trailed and not all get taken-up.

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