OH, NO: The votes are in and the top 5 most popular request of comms people are…

I’m always struck how every organisation is different yet is resolutely the same.

If only IT would give us the kit we need.

If only we were told about things earlier.

And especially if only people didn’t say: ‘We need an X.’

The ‘X’ is the thing the organisation demands of comms as the cure-all elixir.

It can be a press release, microsite, poster, flyer or maybe even a QR code.

What ‘X’ is in each organisation I find quietly fascinating.

So, after a discussion on the Public  Sector Comms Headspace Facebook group I decided to run some unscientific research into what the most popular. The purpose is partly to show folks they are not alone but also to see how much the organisation – however misguidedly – has become digital.

And the winner is…


Of course, that was the top five.

A microsite, logo, put this on Twitter, piece on the intranet or website, an app was 4 per cent,

A request for a flyer was 2 per cent.

What’s striking is that press releases are still being asked for. But while it may be the number one ask it’s not in a position of dominance. Just 14 per cent.

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  1. The death of the news release has long been heralded with changes in the media landscape. But one reason for its enduing quality is that it is a brilliant creativity tool and probably one of the most efficient processes for situation analysis – what, where, when, why and how provide the best ways for you to get on top of a situation.
    The news release is dead! Long live the news release!

    1. If you want to talk to journalists, ‘yes’. If you want to talk to the public in realtime or on a platform they’ve chosen which isn’t a news site or newspaper then ‘no.’

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