MOVING IMAGES: Four video editing apps to explore in 2019

Someone in their 20s once stopped me in my tracks talking about all that video they had of themselves when they were a kid.

Those first steps, she said, that first Christmas it’s all on VHS, isn’t it?

Actually, for this 40-something year old, no it isn’t. I have their heirloom family album of 1:1 pics that was instagram cool the first time around and no video until I’m at least 22.

So, as 2018 runs out and 2019 starts, here’s some apps for you to play with on your smartphone or tablet when the turkey is done, the Brexit arguments with relatives are through and you’re bored of the telly.

The benefit of this is that you get to road test some apps and you’ll be able to make more creative filmmaking decsions when you are next back at work.

I’ve taken a look at them on android and made a note when there is an ios version of the same app. It’s becoming a busier marketplace so if you don’t fancy what’s there keep looking.


VHS Camcorder (VHS Cam) app by Rarevision.

This is brilliant. It allows you to shoot video in the app that looks like a VHS camera.  You even get to add text in the manner of a family video from 1986. Get out the scalextric and make it look like Bruno Brookes is still on Radio 1. You need to shoot within app. From there the clip is saved to your gallery on android. You can shoot wider than a mid-80s TV but as their own website points out, why would you do that? It can shoot 480 to 1080. It’s available for android and ios.


Framelapse Pro.

This allows you to shoot timelapse photography. Want to capture an  afternoon painting a wall? Or a birthday party? The standard VHS film speed is 25 frames per second. This app staggers when you shoot each frame. So in other words it takes just over six minutes to shoot a frame of footage. You can leave it shooting infinitely for longer projects. So, that new bridge or regeneration project can be captured as it arises. You need to shoot within app. You also need to keep your phone powered. It’s available for android.


Glitchee Cam and Video FX

Glitches are effects that change how you see the picture. One irritation of this app is that there’s limited effects you can use without reviewing it. However, once you review some extra features open. Like a heartbeat that builds tension, lightening for a wtf moment or drunken that makes the screen go a little awry. They may be useful in your story telling with your film making.  You can shoot within app or import your own clips that have the glitch added. But don’t worry, a copy of your pristine original remains on your device until you delete it. Both apps are available for android and ios.


As video is what your audience is likely to be consuming your video strategy will help you deliver a successful communications strategy.

To help you achieve this, I’m running workshops in 2019. Delivered along with cameraman, filmmaker and academic Steven Davies the sessions will help you plan, shoot, edit and post engaging comms video. We’ll make sure you are safe and legal, GDPR, copyright law and PSBAR compliant.

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