30 days of human comms: #7 the basketball playing Gainesville Police officer

Sometimes good human content is deliberately created and other times it was an accident.

When a Gainesville police officer responded to a complaint about kids playing basketball in the street as a viewer you fear the worst. Why? Because the in-car footage of what is playing out reminds you of so many times American police officers have shot and killed someone.

You fear the worst.

But what happens is wonderful. The officer starts to play basketball with the kids. Three other kids who ran off when the patrol car pulled-up drift back.

It’s a human interaction. The officer plays and then asks the kids in a parting shot to keep the noise down a bit.

The police department – department as this is the US – release the footage and get half a million views.


Because it is recognisably human at a time when police are struggling to retain trust.

Be more human.

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