DIGITAL COMMS: There is no final victory

20058515505_1f0087d001_bWhen can we declare victory on the shift from old-style comms alone to the new stuff?

When the Ofcom stats show how people are using the media?

When you make a slick presentation to someone important and they get it?

Or is this a constant house-to-house battle step-by-step?

It is, I’m afraid the latter.

Remind people through your feedback. Include social stats in the core of your evaluation.

Experiment a little.

I was struck by a long, deep sigh of a post from Euan Semple on his blog where he reflected on the BBC trying things he did a decade ago.

Most of the places where social has gained a toehold inside an organisation have reverted to their old ways as soon as those who cared enough gave up or left.

Change doesn’t just happen. You have to keep pushing, keep trying, keep picking yourself up and doing it again. If you don’t entropy kicks and things return to “normal” with depressing predictability.

Keep going. Keep fighting.

As some quoted in the comments box of his post.

There is no final victory as there is no final defeat. There is just the same battle. To be fought, over and over again. So toughen up, bloody toughen up.

Keep at it. You’re winning. It’s just it doesn’t always feel so.

Picture credit: Patrick Strandberg / Flickr

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