VIDEO LESSON: What a cringe-making public sector video can teach you about making a non-cringe-making video

Stilted, awkward and forced.

Pity the poor graduates forced to endure the Austalian Government finance department’s attempt at recruitment.

For more than two years I’ve helped to deliver training on how to make and deliver good comms video. Along with my colleague Steven Davies we’ve looked at best practice. But sometimes you can learn from not-so-best practice, too.

What does this teach? Don’t work with a script. Let people be human.

There’s also a parody. But watch out. It’s parental advisory.

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  1. It’s a shame Dan because its beautifully shot but it does feel scripted and forced. I get asked to hold scripts or bullets near the camera a lot and refuse. I like a stumble and and the odd pause for thought in a video, it makes me feel like I am in a conversation rather than viewing a manufactured piece of self-promotion.

    1. Definitely. The issue I’ve come across in the public sector is that if it looks slick people get annoyed and demand to know how much it cost. This can really torpedo the message.

  2. Good evening Dan,

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog – and the public sector comms facebook group I’ve been allowed access to‎ (even though I feel like a bit of a fraud, because I am a practising clinician who now has a personal mission to deliver engaging public health messages).

    Your blog gives me a tiny bit of insight into the world of public service communications and I find it fascinating, especially in the split world of clinical and communications I find myself in.

    I have attached my first film highlighting the risks of shaking a baby as I thought you might find it interesting and if you would be happy to share your thoughts, I would really appreciate them.

    Thanks for taking time to read my email,




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