CAKE TALKING: why #brewcamp is back

brewcamp-cinemaIts back… and God, how I’ve missed it.

A few years ago long before comms2point0 was a thing me and a few friends staged a few events to help us understand this new online landscape that we were intoxicated to explore. One of them was brewcamp. This was a simple idea. Find a cafe or a pub. Pick speakers for three topics. No slides. Discussion. Cake. Coffee.

It’s huge and genuine joy for me was listening to people outside of my area of expertise explain what was possible. We’d stage it every two months and we’d move it around the West Midlands.

One time Lloyd Davis came to Walsall and turned Starbucks into a cinema. Another time we went to Oldbury and the Sandwell Council chief executive Jan Britton helped start a winter gritting project.

But then all of us slowly left local government and it was put on the shelf for a rainy day without ever quite being thrown out.

Why is it back?

Myself and the excellent Andy Mabbett have taken the idea down off the shelf and are running it again. Why? For me, it’s because purely of a thirst to learn things. And that there are some good people still I don’t see enough of. i love running events for comms2point0 where people leave with a skill. This is a place just to kick around a few ideas.

Where is it and what are the topics?

It’ll be at Cherry Red’s cafe bar in John Bright Street in Birmingham. It’s 6pm for a 6.30pm start on Wednesday January 25.

Post and Mail: a 100 per cent digital news engine. The Post & Mail have led the way in digital innovation. At the centre of this has been Marc Reeves Trinity Mirror’s West Midlands editor-in-chief. Marc will talk about what newsgathering looks like in 2017 and beyond and why that matters for the public sector.

Why Open Rights matters. Open Rights Group is the UK’s only digital campaigning organisation working to protect the rights to privacy and free speech online. Francis Clarke from Birmingham’s Open Rights group explains.

Fake news and the public sector. The Trump election and Brexit have highlighted the serious problems that can face institions if rumour dressed as fact go unchallenged. comms2point0’s Dan Slee and Andy Mabbett, Wikipedian-in-Residence with the likes of Ted Talks and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Can I have a call to action right here?

You can. You can get a ticket here. Do come along.

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