VR WOW: What virtual reality journalism and comms may look like

syria“One of the most boring debates to have is the future of news debate,” someone I rate once said.

“The only people who care about it are journalists. Everyone else is off getting their news from Facebook.”

This is largely true.

I’ve been keeping a weather eye on virtual reality for a while and came across this fascinating TED talk by US virtual reality journalist Nonny de la Pena. In it, she explains about how she is turning story telling on its head by taking the facts and audio from real life scenarios and creating  them in virtual reality.

In other words, you can be standing on the site of a key news event.

She re-created based on source footage a bomb exploding in a street during the Syrian civil war. You can see it around 5’30”.

It’s a fascinating idea.

The risk of fake news isn’t far away.

But just journalism? Or can this be used for story-telling and for giving people a flavour of what it’s like to be on a particular spot?

In a fire?

In a warehouse with slave labour?

In a home with a man with dementia and his carer?

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