30 days of human comms #73: Giving dignity in death in Stoke-on-Trent

At the start of the pandemic there was the central message.

Then came the local message.

Then came messages from the frontline from the staff themselves.

This tweet caught my eye.

But then there was the story as it was covered on the Reach title Stoke-on-Trent Live and this comment:

There is something far more powerful in hearing the story unpolished from frontline staff. This may worry NHS comms colleagues on some levels but as a recipient of the tweet it lands every time.

But I’m not surprised, as that was the hospital where my own Dad died.

TRACKER SURVEY: Would you spare two minutes?

Hey public sector comms people how are you feeling?

Back in June 2020 I asked the question by running a survey and blogged the results here.

Three months later I repeated the exercise and blogged the results here.

Now we’re in January I’m keen to repeat the exercise with the latest version of the tracker survey.

If you are fire, police, local government or central government would you take two minutes to let me know how you are faring?

The survey link you’ll need is right here.

As an extra incentive, there’s a box of Gower Cottage chocolate brownies on offer in a prize draw.

Thanks in advance.

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