ZOO SOCIAL: Edinbugh Zoo’s challenge to online snark is beautiful to see

“The thing is,” one social media admin told me recently, “So much of social media feels like an absolute sewer.”

They would, of course, be right. It’s why the blog about social media house rules recently got a alot of attention. You can read it here but in short, have some rules so you can draw a line in the sand on what’s acceptable.

If you draw that line you are better able to take action.

One of things open to you is to block abusive comments and another is to challenge the inaccurate.

So, hats off Edinburgh Zoo for their Edinburgh Pride tweet and their challenge of opinions.

I’m not sure what it is about Pride but it seems to really trigger some people. The idea that we have to celebrate LGBT+ seems troubling to some. The majority see the idea behind Pride. BBC Newsround has an explainer here.

Indeed, the abuse that sometimes follows shows the need for Pride is very much alive.

The Edinburgh Zoo Twitter attracted abuse but also people getting the wrong end of the stick.

Like Barry.

Edinburgh Zoo challenge the viewpoint beautifully. The reply isn’t personal. It sticks to the facts.

Here’s another example.

I’ve used examples that are open to challenge rather than abusive comments.

Or this.

Of course, there were supportive comments, too.

Like this…

And this…

The Edinburgh Zoo social channels don’t have a public set of social media house rules but I’m guessing that they operated using a framework. It’s also possible that the outlines of comments would have been pre-agreed. I’m guessing, of course, but knowing that Pride can attract some specific views they’ve got prtepared.

Overall, this is such good work.


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