MESSAGE SENT: Innovation using the WhatsApp community tool

Here’s some innovation with WhatsApp you may want to take a look at.

Norwich Evening News have launched a WhatsApp community channel for news headlines.

You can sign-up here.

Here’s some screen shots to give you a flavour…

So, far, they’ve gone for three morning headlines, three at lunchtime and three at around 5pm. All with links.

In 2019, the FT got booted off WhatsApp for offering a link a day. This is a departure from previous WhatsApp use.

A WhatsApp community is a tool that allows people to bring people togather and broadcast to them. Only the admin can send a message and you can’t see who else is in the group or their phone number. Walk on, GDPR. Nothing for you to see here.

There is a 5,000 member limit which is significantly larger than the 250 or so limit if you have a WhatsApp for Business account. You can also create 10 groups.

I’ve blogged before why WhatsApp has the potential to be a really powerful tool.

It’s a hugely important channel that’s starting to be a real proposition for communicators.

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