COOL SCHOOL: Crowdsourced tips for communications people to stay cool in hot weather

Hot enough for you? 

In a week where the earth recorded the highest temperatures ever recorded the bad news is there’s no legal upper temperature for when you can work. 

So, some of the finest brains from the Public Sector Comms Headspace Facebook group have coolly chipped in to crowdsource their own ways to remain low temperature.

There’s some good practical advice and yes, ice lollies are mentioned.  

Crowdsourced tips

Combat Teams presenteeism with this trick 

Helen Picton: “A friend I swim with told me she puts a long YouTube vid on and then goes and lies in the sun for an hour. The vid apparently stops your Teams going to sleep.”

It’s all about the cold drinks

Tom Gannon: “My fridge is full of drinks, water, beer, cokes etc. Water and cokes during the day, beers for an evening. Freezer also full of ice pops, cornettos and aldi do amazing biscoff ice creams.”

Sweyn Hunter: “Drink lots of water.”

Helen Chater-Franks: “The joy of iced coffee.”

Make sure your feet, neck and shoulders are cold

Heather Pearton: “Use a water spritzer. I have one in my handbag, one on my desk and one by my bed. A quick spray on the feet – the human body’s thermostat – and the face before you want to go to sleep and you’re sorted.”

Vickie Page: “When we hit high temperatures last year, I soaked tea towels in cold water then whacked them in the fridge. Would take out and place over my neck and shoulders – always had two in rotation.”

Michaela Soltys: “Icing your drink the night before. Fill a bottle up and pop it in the freezer and then you have a cold drink most of the day. And copious supplies of ice lollies.”

An imaginative use of the freezer

Sarah Clarke: “Hot water bottle, cooled in the freezer and either hug it for dear life, or put it in front of a fan to cool the air…”

Susanna Griffiths: “Gel packs in the freezer.”

Re-design your working space 

Alice Eleanor Ford: “Foil on the windows to reflect the light and heat out.”

Claire Turner: “If you want to work outside, use a cardboard box to put your laptop in to shade it from the sun. Hello Fresh boxes are perfect.”

Helen Taylor: “Use larger rooms for meetings when it’s an option, and keep them short and to the point. Provide – and drink lots of – room temperature water.”

Vikkie Page: “Blinds down, curtains drawn and windows shut in rooms the sun is on – don’t let that hot air in.”

Fan tactically 

Keely Gallagher: “If you have a fan, make a swamp cooler – DIY air con – by putting a big glass of ice water directly in front of the fan – it will cool down the air blowing at you.”

Kerry-Lynne Doyle: “Confuse your cat by using a fan.”

Open the right door or window at the right time

Vic Spong: “If you have a velux window anywhere then open it. It’ll draw on warm air from downstairs and funnel it out. Just leave a window or door open on the cool side of the house to get the flow of air.”

Change your hours

Si Whitehouse: “Start early, long lunch with siesta. Plenty of liquids.”

Sara Hamilton: “Sunscreen, siestas, Soleros.”

Tactical exercise

Michelle Anne Rose: “Make sure you take a nice lunchtime walk with an icecream or iced drink.”

Stay safe outdoors

Danielle Starling: “Stay sun safe, remember suncream and a hat if you’re outdoors.” 

Thanks everyone who took part.

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