CONNECT FOUR: What good social media engagement looks like in 2023

One thing I look at with social media reviews is how much engagement there is on an account. 

Low engagement? The content isn’t registering with people.

Good engagement? That’s good. More of the same and more of the content that really works.

But what does good engagement look like? 

To some extent it’s a moot point but there are metrics out there that can be useful.

As a starter, Adobe have blogged some useful tips on how to calculate engagement rates. In addition, Social Insider have blogged some useful numbers for Reels and TikTok. 

The basic numbers are:

Facebook 2 per cent 

Instagram 4 per cent

LinkedIn 6 per cent

Twitter 1 per cent

Reels 4 per cent

TikTok 5 per cent  

Use this as a yardstick to see where you’re flagging and where you’re doing well. 
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