FUTURE COMMS HELP: Four workshops to help your future comms 

Summer is in the air and I’m nailing down the last workshop dates before people head off on holiday. 

Normally, I’ll blog about research, findings or other things and I can’t remember the last time I just brought together in one place a list of what I do.

I’m very mindful this year that the pace of change in communications and PR has quickened. Most people at the coalface don’t have chance to put in the time to research the important stuff.

I know I’m lucky in having the time to be people’s spare brain to research the data, look at trends and play back the stuff that’s going to work and gently point out the things that no longer is. 

The decline of Twitter really shows that the old certainties have gone and fresh eyes are needed. When I revamped my logo a while back it was suggested I came up with a strapline. I did. Then promptly put it to one side. That strapline is ‘Future comms made easy’ which is what my sincere hope is in offering training. Change is tricky. The future is worrying. Here’s a way to make it easier.

So, workshops.


This is the one that answered the plea for help: ‘If only there was one workshop that covered everything I need to know.’  It covers, comms planning, evaluation, the changing media landscape, how to create content that works, algorithms, WhatsApp for Business, TikTok, Nextdoor, ChatGPT, Facebook groups and dealing with snark.  

What: Five online sessions, four of 60 minutes and one of 90 minutes. 

Next start dates: 

programme #46 23.5.23

Programme #47 22.6.23

Programme #48 18.9.23

You can find out more here.


This one looks at then language of TikTok and gives practical tips and strategies on approaching TikTok and also vertical video for Reels. These can be shared on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll show you how to shoot and edit, the risks, the benefits and how you can avoid legal pitfalls around GDPR and copyright. I’m joining by TV and filmmaker Julia Higginbottom.

What: Three online practical two hour sessions 

Next start dates:

Programme #8 24.5.23

Programme #9 26.6.23

You can find out more here.


This one looks at your video strategy and shows you the things you need to know in 2023. Highly practical, you’ll learn how to plan, shoot edit and post effective short form video. I’m joining by TV and filmmaker Julia Higginbottom.

What: Four online two hour sessions

Next start dates:

Programme #21 22.6.23 SOLD OUT

Programme #22 6.7.23 

Programme #23 22.9.23

You can find out more here


This one looks at how you can better pitch ideas to reporters and to deal with incoming questions. We’ll look at what reporters want and processes with dealing with the trickiest questions to give you confidence. 

What: Three online two hour sessions

Next start dates:

Programme #15 15.5.23 LAST SPACES

Programme #16 18.9.23 

You can find out more here


And yes, I can run the sessions in-house. Drop me a note through the contact form below.

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