RESEARCH: Community Facebook group membership has risen by 43 per cent

It’s clear that connecting to Facebook groups has become a key string to many comms teams’ bows.

What was once a leap into the unknown has now become par for the course for many people.

But what’s the state of community Facebook groups? With Twitter going wobbly are other platforms fading, too?

I’ve carried out some research.

How many comms and PR teams connect with community Facebook groups?

In an unscientific polls of Public Sector Comms Headspace members I asked the question how many engage and don’t engage.

A bumper 70 per cent DID engage with community Facebook groups. This may be through a mix of corporate or service areas pages. This may be where the Facebook group admins allowed. That’s a healthy number and good to see.

As a counterpoint to that, 22 per cent said they DID NOT engage with community Facebook groups. A further 7 per cent didn’t but were considering how best to engage.

Overall, its clear that he technique has been adopted quite widely.

Community Facebook group use is increasing

With one eye on Twitter, how are community Facebook groups faring? 

The answer is rather nicely thank you. My colleague Elaine – thank you, Elaine – did the hard yards of collecting data from the Braintree area which is the sixth year of us doing this. The results are that use in the community is growing.

According to the data mapped this month, the overall individual Facebook group membership has risen by 47 per cent to a bumper 1.2 million. When you consider that 150,000 people live in Braintree district that means there are eight memberships per head of population. Of course, some of this number may be people who live outside the area but as a yardstick it is compelling.

The number of Facebook groups overall in the Braintree district has dropped by a third to 463. In addition, the number of Facebook pages in Braintree and district has dropped by 13 per cent to 977.    


Yes, Facebook groups in a community remain firmly part of the toolkit.

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