APP STATS: UK social media statistics for 2022

Here you go, I’ve crunched the UK social media numbers for 2022 so you don’t have to.

Ofcom have published their online nation report and there’s a stack of use full stuff in there. The data that I use most often is around UK social media use.

I’ve created this image that summarises the UK data for 2022 as well as the minutes per day spent on each platform.

UK social media stats 2022

Leading numbers

Leading the pack is Facebook & Messenger. The ever-resilient platform is the most popular in the UK with 46.8 million users which is the equivalent of 68 per cent of the population. Periodically, there are campaigns against Facebook and often with good reason. Data would say they’ve not had much impact.

Frustratingly, the numbers in the Ofcom survey don’t differentiate between the main Facebook platform and the messenging service Messenger.

In second place is YouTube, used by 65 per cent of the UK population. It’s worth noting that some surveys such as YouGov put this platform far lower.

WhatsApp comes in fourth place used by a robust 59.8 per cent of the population and Instagram on 52.9 per cent of the population. Twitter comes in 5th with just over 40 per cent of the UK population using it. LinkedIn is next in line with 27.4 per cent use just ahead of Pinterest.

TikTok is maintaining its growth with 15.3 million users and a fifth of the population using it beating Snapchat used by 17 per cent and Nextdoor are consolidating growth doubling in size to 9.2 million users (13.4 per cent of the population.)

Time spent

Users is one thing but time spent on the channel is fascinating. Facebook leads the way with users spending 29.7 minutes a day but only just. TikTok is breathing down its neck with 25.3 minutes per user per day.

In third place, Snapchat are 20.9 minutes while Twitter attracts users at just over 10 minutes a day. Instagram are at around nine minutes with Pinterest, Nextdoor and LinkedIn are all around a minute a day.

The data comes from Ofcom’s Online Nations 2022 data.

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  1. Interesting figures Dan – but it would be good to know the % change from last year for the different platforms to enable some comparison

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