CAKE COMMS: Reflecting on where the magic is at an unconference

At some point as a kid I called round for my childhood friends and we played out for the last time although we didn’t know it.

At some point I won’t be involved in commscamp anymore and it’ll all be a fond memory. Until then I value every time I’m involved in one.

I’m glad to say that there is still a demand for the event which puts people in a room and just lets them get on with it.

At the first round of #commscampnorth ticket release for Bradford on October 13 the 40 tickets went in two minutes. Like a big online frenzy they were gone before they were properly even here. There were people both praising their fast broadband and others cursing being stuck on a coach.

The second ticket release on June 14 at 4pm will be twice as big with 80 tickets up for grabs.

That’s the mecahnics of it.

If you want to be in a room with real people who also do your job and know what you’re up against then do try and come. You’ll be very welcome. If you’re not sure what happens at an unconference I’ve added an explanation ‘How does it work?’ here.

What an unconference does

In really simple terms, an unconference puts people into a big room and lets them get on with it.

Everybody in the room is on the same level because job titles are left at the door. So, a junior marketing assistant has just as much right to put their hand up as a veteran comms director.

I’m not overstating it to say that going to my first unconference blew the top of my head off and made me change how I think and do things.

We are not attendees at an unconference, we are all participants and that’s where the magic is.

I’ll be happy when I see someone I’ve not met before talking about something I’d never considered in a way that makes those around them think differently.

#commscampnorth in Bradford on October 13 is organised by a team of volunteers including David Grindlay, Emma Rodgers, Bridget Aherne, Josephine Graham, Kate Bentham, Kate Vogelsang, Leanne Hughes, Lucy Salvage and Sweyn Hunter.

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