COVID COMS #16: Declining trust in Government points the way to more local content

In a fast-moving arena fresh data is essential to keep you up to speed.

Just because you always have doesn’t mean you always should.

So, if you’re involved with public sector comms the latest rolling data from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism should be useful.

Four things to take away:

People are trusting the Government as a source of information less.

People are trusting news media less.

People still trust the NHS.

People don’t trust politicians.

The breakdown of the figures from Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism can be found here but one of the key tables is here:

It goes without saying that the overwhelming number of public sector comms people must be apolitical. The figures are not presented without political opinion and to help people give the best advice. Particularly when people in England may have to present communications around a local lockdown.

So what does this all mean?

It points once again to creating local content and to have doctors and scientists front it.

One thing I admire the Government Communications Service for is to act on the data.

There’s the data.

Act on it.

Picture credit: Flickr / Documerica

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