TASTE IDEAS: The amazing power of chocolate to embed new ideas


I was asked recently what the best way to embed new ideas was, ‘a bar of chocolate’, I replied.

Why chocolate?

Because if you put up a bar of chocolate as a prize to encourage people in the team it seems to inspire people to great heights and I’m not even joking.

The first time I noticed the amazing power of chocolate to embed new ideas was at a training session.

Always, at the end of video skills we round-off by suggesting that the next video they make is not work related but something fun and shot and edited in downtime. So, footage of the view out of the train video, video of their cat or dog or their child talking about how much they like ice cream.

If you make a fun video like this you’re learning and you’re building confidence.

The chocolate bar?

At the end of a session I offered a bar of chocolate to the person who makes the best short video on any topic in the next week.

The first week, three people entered. The following week it was five. Then nine. All to win the Dairy Milk but while they were striving for the chocolate they were learning along the way.

Six months later I bumped into the head of comms.

“How is video going?” I asked.

“Really well. We’ve embedded our team as video first.”

All from some training and a bar of chocolate.

Picture credit: istock.

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