FACEBOOK 2020: Stats to show you how key Facebook is in the UK in 2020


There’s something rather exciting about researching for the new iteration of a workshop.

New research is new data and new numbers and a further shining of the light of where we are and where we’re headed.

I deliver Vital Facebook Skills sessions with Sarah Lay and I’m proud to do so. They look at how to create better content for pages, how to connect with groups and how to create better ads.

There’s more on them here.

As I’m working I thought I’d share some of the insight.

So here is a pile of numbers that helps you map out where the largest social network in the world in 2020 is and is heading.

In summary, your strategy for Facebook is to have a page but not to rely on it. It is the starting point of your relationship with your audience not the destination. So, share content there but it is vital to look at ways to get it in front of your audience. If you have some budget think about ads. If you haven’t groups for public sector people are your way in.

Facebook isn’t just one platform, its an eco system with WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram all part of the landscape. These stats concentrate on blue and white trad Facebook.

Global Facebook

There are 1.62 billion daily active users globally an increase of nine per cent (Source: Facebook, 2019).

UK Facebook

There are 63 million UK internet users (Source: Digital in 2018, Hootsuite / We Are Social).

88 per cent of UK internet users have a Facebook account (Source: Online Nation 2019 Ofcom).

43.5 million is the number of Facebook users in the UK. (Source: Ofcom, 2019)

11.2 million UK 25 to 34-year-olds use Facebook – the largest demographic on the platform (Source: Statista, 2018)

Why people use Facebook

The reasons for using the platform are many and varied.

53 per cent of UK Facebook users use the platform to access groups with similar interests (Source: Online Nation 2019 Ofcom).

49 per cent of UK Facebook users do so to stay up to date with the news. (Source: Online Nation 2019 Ofcom).

44 per cent of football-related conversations on Facebook in the UK were driven by women (Source: Facebook Insights).

25 per cent of UK Facebook users do so to meet new people (Source: Online Nation 2019 Ofcom).

37 minutes is the average daily use of Facebook (source: emarketer)


6.4 per cent is now the average organic reach of a page (Source: sproutsocial, 2018.)


54 per cent of UK people say that they use a mobile device to connect with local interests (Source: Facebook Insights).

121 per cent is the increase in the number of community pages over the past two years (Source, research by Dan Slee).


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