EIGHT MORE: Eight videos that show festive creativity to tell a story

Something magical happens in the festive period and it’s not just the sight of twinkling lights and presents under the tree.

People actually get creative in a way they don’t often do throughout the rest of the year an d its a beautiful site.

Here are eight videos that show creativity and that have lessons that can be re-purposed by any bright comms person through the rest of the year.

  1. Going all Bob Dylan to get round the video is watched without sound issue

As we know, the majority of social video is watched without sound. So, this Police video from Australia dodges the bullet brilliantly. A policeman knocks on the door of a house. He tells his message through prompt cards and a dry wit. Bingo. It reaches second screeners.


2. Make an emotional story the way to get a message across

What’s more effective? Cllr Bob, the cabinet member for environment, up against a wall? Or a kid excitedly counting down for Christmas? For me, its the child and the reminder to give recycling as a gift all year around. I’d love to see how recycling rates were impacted as well as the promising view numbers. Good work, Selby Council.


3. Sat it with a song

One used a rewritten Christmas carol supported by subtitles to encourage people to recycle. Through the video they build their Christmas tree from items you can recycle. Good work New Forest District Council.


4. Make a how-to video in 24-seconds

The National Trust look after thousands of acres of countryside as well as buildings, pubs, homes and other venues. Rather than hector people to go out and walk they made this handy how to guide to make a mouse. You need pine cones. You get those from the countryside. Have you joined the dots?

5. You can use a human face to talk about Christmas work

Network Rail Western used Sarah Fraser to talk about her Christmas Day. It involved work. But popping home too to see her family. Then back out to work. What does it say? It spells out the lengths they’ll go to keep the trains moving everyday. And I love the liberal use of emojis to tell their story.

6. Tell a human story

Channel 4 News are brilliant at using video on social media to tell a story. You can learn a lot from them. They have a first few seconds with impact. They use sub-titles effectively so you can follow the story without sound.Β  This video tells the story of a homeless ex-soldier. Yes, journalists can do this far easier than the public sector. But think a little. How could you let real people talk about issues?


7. Use a clear demonstration to give clear advice

Norfolk Recycles is a partnership of local authorities and used this campaign to try and make a dent in recyclking over the festive period. I love its clarity.

8. By showing children sing carols and capturing the smiles

It’s a simple concept. Children singing carols at Christmas make people beam. So, Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS TRust ask children in to sing to elderly patients. This year they filmed the results.


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