30 days of human comms: #50 students celebrate A level results on a council Facebook Live

A level results are here. A date in the calendar that has moved from the traditional newspaper to Facebook Live.

Back in the day, newsrooms would have sorted the jumping for joy results picture.

There’s still a bit of that around but its interesting to hear that some news organisations don’t cover it anymore. That means a chance to celebrate good work from students by the council comms team.

This short Facebook Live from the trailblazing Newcastle City Council team does just that:

It’s interesting to see the news values operate just as well online as they do in print.

In print, students’ Mum, Dad, family and friends would have been the audience.

In digital, the same audience is true. Rather than heading to the paper shop for the pic the audience now likes and shares.

Refreshingly, the live video here doesn’t have a councillor. Why? Because this is a day for some students just to celebrate.

There are risks inherent in a live broadcast and this navigates this by having it with students who have pre-opened their results away from the risk of others sobbing with disappointment in the background. There’s also little chance of it being gatecrashed by less happy pupils.

The council page isn’t called the council page at all. It’s ‘Our Newcastle, Our Great City.’ I love that. The aim surely is to reach an audience and give them information. There is a lesson here.

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