30 days of human comms: #28 A newspaper interview with medics who treated Manchester bomb patients


So far in the round-up of human comms we’ve looked at digital content that the organisation has shaped itself. But it doesn’t have to be digital to be human.

More than 20 people were killed in the Manchester Arena bomb earlier this year.

Manchester as a city rallied and there was an outpouring of pride and determination.

Leading all that was the public sector across the city with police, paramedics, hospital staff, fire and the Mayor’s office.

In the very front line in all this were the paramedics and the hospital staff.

In the weeks after the bombing, the Press attention turned from the immediate impact to the stories of survival and recovery. Requests for interviews were made. But not all requests for granted.

Careful handling by Salford Royal hospital’s comms team led to a set of interviews and pictures with the local newspaper the Manchester Evening News. You can see the full story here.

Human comms is not just what you create but also what the Press can create with you.

Be more human. Like the A&S staff of Salford Royal.

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  1. Another great post Dan – I think the way the Manchester Evening News reported the bombing and aftermath was fantastic. The story referenced here shows how hard the communications team will have worked to set up these interviews and picture opportunities and background information to make sure those who were in the thick of it were given the absolute credit they deserved.

    Our NHS is a jewel which we must treasure and protect.

    Thank you to everyone who works across the public sector to keep us safe and well.

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