30 days of human comms: #15 Sefton Council’s message on a national subject

Look, I know I’ve been shouting about video for some time now.

But when I see a video as quietly determined as this one from Sefton Council my heart sings.

It’s a good approach. Women are recorded saying a short message and then are edited so the argument comes from all and from one at the same time.

It is short, it is recognisably a Sefton Council communication and the mono and music make it.

What’s great about it from an organisation’s perspective is that they have the accents of Sefton. Their voice is identifiable to people. They will be recognisable to people who work in the organisation too. They’ll pass them in the corridor.

Disclaimer: I helped deliver an in-house workshop at Sefton Council on how to shoot video. But this was all their idea. They took the basic skills and have done great things with them.

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