30 days of human comms #11: London Fire Brigade remember the Kings Cross fire

Thirty years before Grenfell Tower there was another fire in London that cast a long shadow over the capital.

More than 30 people were killed at Kings Cross after debris that had gathered under a wooden escalator caught light. Amazingly, in today’s terms, back then you could still smoke underground.

The fire changed fire safety and a long list of changes followed. It’s worth remembering that for some these changes are ‘red tape’. But red tape is often written in the blood of people whose death taught a lesson.

London Fire Brigade told the story in real-time on Twitter drawing in a range of sources.

What was also interesting was that the hashtag – #KX30 allowed for people to contribute their own memories.

Amazingly, the thread brought together people whose lives had been changed:

Statistics make sense of the big picture. Human stories bring them to life.

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