GOOD COMMS: Who, what, when, where, why… but most of all WHY

There is an amazing post doing the rounds on Twitter.

It speaks volumes about where newspapers and council press officers are.

This is it:


It’s an image of a councillor stood forlornly at a roundabout. There’s a story behind this, I’m sure, and I’m not being too hard on Slough Council for this.

‘Why,’ one person in my timeline asked ‘didn’t the reporter ring up and ask about it?’

Because newsrooms have been slashed. Unless it’s particularly interesting-looking they probably won’t.

Unless you make the content interesting and sharable they probably won’t be interested.

So flipping make it interesting and sharable, then.

Before you post ask yourself if it tackles ‘Who, what, when, where, why… but most of all WHY.’

And if its digital content, if doesn’t make you go: Oooh! Aaah! Wow! OMG! Ha! I didn’t know that! then don’t post it.

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