POST COMMS: Excellent… a survey and whitepaper for #commsforchange14

3802077970_5b09858596_zIn September, some of the brightest minds in public sector comms will come to Birmingham for our rather fine #commsforchange14 event. It’s been drawn-up by comms and pr people especially for comms and pr people. Know what’s even better? We’re also publishing a whitepaper at the event and we’re launching a survey to help shape it. Can you help?

by Dan Slee

The single biggest problem with communications, George Bernard Shaw once said, is the illusion that it has taken place.

After 20 years of working for and with the media I’ll add another one. The biggest problem is that it rarely happens with enough time.

We’ve all been there. The service area who tell you via email at 6.08pm about a major project launch in the morning.

Does it have to be this way?

Absolutely not.

It’s one of the reaons why we are staging the #commsforchange14 event with PSCSF in Birmingham on September 24.

We didn’t want this just to be a run-of-the-mill go-through-the-motions conference. We care about this. That’s why we have some cracking speakers in the morning and an unconference in the afternoon where the agenda is put together on the day.

It’s why we’re putting together a whitepaper specially for the event to capture some of the expert opinion and some tips to share.

We want to give you at the event the tools to position you and your team closer to the top table and to service areas so you can better communicate change. The better you communicate the better you get to look.

What will the whitepaper tackle? 

This white paper will cover:

  • How soon should comms be involved?
  • How can you position comms close to the top table?
  • How can the relationship between service areas and comms be improved?
  • How important is internal comms?
  • Some cracking case studies to help you.

How can you get the whitepaper? 

Attendees to #commsforchange14 get their own printed copy and a chance to chat to some of the contributors. They’ll also get an electronic copy emailed to them.

You can get a copy emailed to you within days of the event just by contributing to the survey.

We’d love it if you could take a few minutes to complete a survey to help us prepare a snapshot baseline picture that tells us where comms people are.

There’s the theory and the reality. We’d like to check where reality is before we work on the theory.

So, please do take a few minutes to complete the survey on this link here. We’d love you forever. That’s two links in three paragraphs.

So, why is comms getting involved early a good idea?

There’s a whole list of reasons why getting comms involved in a project early is a good idea. The earlier you do it the better chance you stand of winning.

Here are seven. Feel free to add more.


The single biggest problem with communications - Word 31082014 231555.bmp

We look forward to seeing you at the event.


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