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  1. Ah yes hello Mr Slee! Nice blog! Really like it.

    Just as a little anecdote, Edinburgh City Council’s #whatwedo didn’t do so well, with a more popular #whatwedontdo hash tag set up by disgruntled city tax payers, and one academic tweeting ‘so Edinburgh City Council is tweeting its daily activities to the masses eh? No, I don’t give a shit either’. However I think that’s the minority and I do think that it’s a great idea for what are often considered bureaucratic pen pushing organisations (like the one I work for too ha ha) to engage first hand with their wage payers.

    I’ve been learning lots of nice social media excitement of late, and working for a third sector organsiation am finding barriers from outside and (perhaps more worryingly) inside my organisation.

    The key thing I’ve found is to sell it to stakeholders not as something new, just as a new tool to enable people to do stuff they’ve always done, better – i.e. chat. Communication is what sets us apart from rats and apes and stuff (well that and a good deodorant).

    Anyway, on that note I’ll be off as there’s a rather important footy game on tonight I do believe.


    PS Went to Hartlepool a couple of weekends ago to watch the fitba’. THanks to Facebook found some lovely friendly boozers.

  2. Ian!

    It’s really good to hear from you!

    Just thinking it was 15 years ago we were sat in Greenbank Rd, Darlington learning how to be proper journalists. One of the questions for my NCTJ interview in 1995 was to ask how the internet would affect newspapers. I’d only heard of the internet at this stage. ‘Not until you can read it on the bus or the toilet,’ was my reply. And you can. And have been able to for several years.

    Really interesting to hear of the Edinburgh experience. From what I hear they did a trial run and ended up losing followers which doesn’t stack with experience elsewhere. Maybe the answer would have been to create a special Twitter account, run stacks through that and RT the best of the crop.

    You’re quite right. Communication does set us apart. And deoderant ; )

    I’ve dropped you an email : )

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