GIFT WRAP: Present ideas for comms and PR people

As Noddy Holder would almost say ‘It’s almost Chriiiiistmaaaaas’.

Here are some top present ideas for PR and communications people.

Helpfully, they are divided into categories WFH, stationary, fashion, food and drink, Books, office and stress relief.

Whether they be for colleagues, friends, relatives or yourself.

Dig in.

Presents for the WFH

A discoball hanging planter makes your workspace green AND funky.

From firebox £19.99.

An I survived another meeting that should have been an email coaster. Because it’s important not to spill your drink or lose sight of reality.

£5.25 from Etsy.

A magnetic desktop moodboard to let you decide the tone of the day.

From Oliver Bonas £10.

Ah, the email salutation. But what is the response? No emails are finding me well. Poster.

From £7.99 on Etsy.

Spruce up your fridge with this ‘I love working from home’ magnet.

From Redbubble £5.94.


Demotivational pencils to make you go that extra mile. Pencils with messages like ‘Teamwork means sharing the blame’ and ‘Be prepared. Always have an excuse’ on them.

From Fred Aldous Ltd £10.

Weekly schedule notebooks. Scribble on your plan for the week hour by hour. Actuaklly quite handy.

From Fred Aldous Ltd £12.50.

A wooden pencil case to keep your pens and pencils in.

From Etsy £8.40.

Sticker up your work station with this ‘Public relations because someone has to make you look good‘ sticker.

From RedBubble £1.42.


Add a badge to your repertoire to perform at your best. With the message ‘Even on my worst day I’m f-ing awesome‘ you combine fashion with a morale boosting pep talk. Double win!

From Not on the High Street £10.

Have / need a lower tolerance for cr-p? This ‘Giving a f- doesn’t go with my outfit’ keyring is a daily reminder.

From Flaming Candles £3.85.

Celebrate your colleagues with this ‘magnificent human’ badge.

From Not on the High Street £10.

Recreate the West Wing with this Bartlet 1998 t-shirt.

From RedBubble £13.52.

Food and drink

Made that cup of coffee? Keep it warm on your desk with this USB cup warmer.

From Amazon £20.99.

A decent cup of coffee is a thing to behold. Here’s some mail order good stuff.

From Algerian Coffee Stores £16.95.

‘The Thick of It’ TV series remains the benchmark on how to advise politicians. Release your inner Malcolm Tucker with this Department for Social Affairs & Citizenship DoSAC mug.

From Etsy £17.

Make a toast. Here’s gin and tonic marmalade.

From Firebox £8.99.


Molly McPherson has a cracking TikTok channel where she deconstructs media car crashes and non-apology apologies. Her book ‘Indestructible’ is excellent if you’re looking to polish your media relations. Recommended.

From Amazon £14.42.

This book ‘TikTok Boom’ is excellent on the topic of TikTok. It’s a good read and heklps you understand where social media is headed. Recommended.

From Amazon £11.99.

This is a cracking book. Get better at story telling with ‘The Science of Storytelling.’ Recommended.

From Amazon £8.29.


Ration your creativity with this emergency power nap head on desk kit.

From Prezzybox £9.

Need tea? Simply ding this ‘tap for tea’ bell shout ‘tea wallah’ and your personal servant (colleague) may oblige.

From Oliver Bonas £5.

Organise your desk with this mustard desktidy.

From Laredoute £12.60.


Keep the idiots at arms length with this ‘Carry On In Your Pocket’ keyring. Simply deploy pre-recorded phrases in Teams calls ranging from ‘Ding dong, carry on’ to ‘Ere stop messin’ about.’

From Amazon £14.99.

Rescue Remedy gives some perspective.

From Boots £7.67.

This switch off kit features a bag of useful for you to switch off your brain in the evening.

From Bloom & Blossom £30.

Got a present idea? Post it in the comments.

Happy Christmas!

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