FB RESEARCH: How Storm Ciaran played out in a Facebook group

Storm Ciaran saw Ireland and the UK battered by high wind and rain.

How the event was communicated is a thing of wonder.

Convention says that X, formerly Twitter, is the place where news breaks.

But Facebook groups can also be places where news circulates.

Sidmouth in Devon saw some of the worst of the damage with a vehicle swept off the promonade into the sea.

I’m a member of the Sidmouth Community for the People Facebook group which has 17,100 members.

It was fascinating to see how it played out.

Over 24-hours there was 12 posts on X, formerly Twitter and 48 posts in 24-hours with 3,524 engagements in that Facebook group.

There was warnings that the storm would hit.

There was the requests for information.

There was accounts as the storm developed.

And after the storm.

Overall, 60.8 per cent of content is images with 24.8 per cent video, text is 12.8 per cent and 1.6 per cent is screenshots.

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