TWEET DOWN: If Twitter is embedded on your website you may want to check it

Quick shout if you’ve got a Twitter feed embedded on your website… you may want to check it.

Twitter has changed free access to its API which is the way the platform communicates with web tools.

One result is that websites that have an embedded Twitter stream may see it not working.

Big thank you to NHS communicator and weekly email subscriber Dan Love for spotting this and the link that explains what the impact is.

For example, apps and websites that used Twitter’s API to enable sharing of content to and from Twitter are now seeing that functionality break. WordPress reported Tuesday that it was no longer able to access the API, rendering its websites unable to automatically share posts to Twitter.

As an overall point, Twitter are making it really hard for the public sector to use the platform. One BBC documentary ended with the conclusion that it can no longer protect users from trolling.

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  1. Hi Dan, the link to Dan Love’s article isn’t working (for me at least). But thank you so much for the flurry of extremely helpful emails already this week.

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