HEADSPACE: Announcing lunchtime sessions

Here’s a thing for your calendar. Some lunchtime sessions for members of the Public Sector Comms Headspace Facebook group.

The group has now passed 7,000 members which is fantastic to see. 

The job of communicating is hard but you’ll be surprised how many people are in the same boat.

The lunchtime sessions are a chance to tune in, switch on, stick your cameras on and contribute. 

We ran some sessions last year on unconference principles. We have someone to start the discussion but people are encouraged to chip in. 

To be a member of the group you need to be in-house public sector and we hold the door open for third sector, further and higher education. You can join here

It’s a group I’m proud to be involved with. I know my co-admin Leanne Hughes and David Grindlay are proud to be involved too. 

Before anyone asks, we don’t record the sessions because we think it inhibits debate.   

Here’s a list of the sessions. More to be added. 

8.2.23 12pm-12.40pm FUTURE OF PUBLIC SECTOR SOCIAL MEDIA (with Victoria Kerr of Glasgow City Council)

Link: https://fb.me/e/3xQGbFByR

17.2.23 12pm – 12.45pm HOW TO DEAL WITH ONLINE SNARK (Freelancer and Headspace co-admin Dan Slee) 

Link: https://fb.me/e/4eellckvs

22.2.23 12pm – 12.45pm INTERNAL COMMS: LOW BUDGET, BIG IDEAS (Josephine Graham of Bradford City Council) 


7.3.23 12pm – 12.45pm HOW TO DO YOUTH ENGAGEMENT THAT WORKS (Leanne Hughes, NHS) 


28.3.23 12pm – 12.45pm PUBLIC SECTOR COMMS CRISIS COMMS TIPS (Freelancer Amanda Coleman) 


Hope to see you there.

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