GIFT LIST: Present ideas for PR and comms people

It’s time to buy a present… but what to buy the PR or comms person in your life?

No need to worry, here’s a QVC of a blog post with moreb than 60 present ideas many crowdsourced by the good people of the Public Sector Comms Headspace Facebook group.

Scroll down through the books and work stuff to the less serious Malcolm Tucker throw or West Wing mug.

Dig in.



A content creation tips book. Everybody Writes: Your New and Improved Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content. See it here.

The Economist Style Guide. See it here.

Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. See it here.

Tossary of Terms. Pictures and descriptions that pin down pointless modern phenomena. See it here.

Remix by Laurence Lessig. See it here.

Panic As Man Burns Crumpets by Roger Lytollis. See it here.

Buzzing Communities by Richard Millington. See it here.

Thick Of It Missing DOSAC files. See it here.

Work stuff


Modern Toss’ inspirational pencils are the real thing. Start the day with a HB ‘Don’t Give Up Till You Reach Lunchtime.’ See it here. [Parental advisory].


The New York Times commissioned these reporter’s notebooks for their journos in the 1970s. They’ve been re-issued. See them here.

Meetings That Could Have Been Emails notebooks. Passive aggress that shizz. See it here.

A leather journal. See it here.

A Times I was Right and Nobody Listened: Blank Lined Journal Notebook. See it here.

A digital re-usable Rocket notebook. See it here.

Scared Sh**less & Doing It Anyway notebookcard. 24 pages. See it here. [Parental advisory].

A Frida Kahlo desktop desk tidy. See it here.


This desktop Mood Calendar can change your mood. See it here.

Coffee mug warmer. Top keep it at a warm level. See it here.

Make your own deskplate. That’s the thing where your name or title is. See it here.


Public Relations : Because Someone Has to Make you Look Good Sticker. Nothing says what you’re about like this daily mantra sticker. See it here.


Work from home day planner. So you WFH with style and elan. See it here.


An emergency tech recovery kit. See it here.

An aluminium laptop stand. See it here.



Malcolm Tucker’s law dictates that if that person can mess up then that person will mess up at the worst possible time. Reflect on this as you dry your dishes with this tea towel. See it here. [Parental advisory].

A George Orwell tea towel. See it here.


An armchair caddy that loops over the arm and is a place to put your mug of tea and remote controls. See it here.


A Malcolm Tucker throw. See it here.


West Wing mug. ‘Lead like Jed’. See it here.

PR Consultant Evil Genius mug. For when you need a brew and plotting. See it here.

PR but not a magician. Remind yourself with this simple message. See it here.

At least get me some coffee before you start this. Wise words. See it here.

An I’m Not Responsible For My Face When You Talk mug. See it here.


I first started buying fresh coffee beans from the Algerian Coffee Stores in London about 20 years ago,. I especially like this house blend. See it here.

Or the Baytown Coffee Company’s Boggle Hole blend. See it here.


Women Who Changed the World coasters. See it here.


A 220-litre composter jigsaw. See it here.

A top British brands jigsaw. See it here.


A personalised blue plaque. See it here.

Stress relief


Rescue Remedy is useful in times of stress. My mum used to swear by it. See it here.


A squeegy stress ball with assorted mottos like Take A Deep Breath. See it here.


Buy a buddybox from blurtitout so you can send a care package. See it here.


Stress relief cards. A 52-deck list of reducing tension. See it here.

TV & film


Mad Men box set. All three seasons. See it here.

The Thick of It box set. All of them. See it here.



A f**k that s**t badge. See it here. [Parental advisory].

An It’s Bin Day t-shirt. See it here.

An Even On My Worst Day I’m F**king Awesome badge. See it here. [Parental advisory].

Pedant badge of honour. See it here.


A woolly hat with built-in headtorch and speakers. See it here.

The ebay tin hat search is a treasure trove of pre-loved military tin hats. See it here.


A Big Girl Pants t-shirt. See it here.

Jenner Seeing Off Anti-Vaxxers Unisex t-shirt. See it here.

PR manager t-shirt. See it here.

From The Thick of It Terri’s Clockwork Orange T-Shirt. See it here.


A pair of Desmond Tutu oven gloves. See it here.


There’s a Christmas gift as a scratchcard webpage. See it here.


A Nappy and wipes pouch organiser with washable wipes and bandana bib. See it here.


A handmade doggy blanket. See it here.

Thank you to Megan Sian, Phil Hodgson, Sarah Wilcox, Jo Shelbourne-Stockton, Leanne Hughes, Mags Rivett, Clare Maddison, Heather Pearton, Kate Leach, David Sawyer, Carolyne Mitchell, Melanue Kynaston, Ruth Darling Quilley, Rebekah Duffin and Stephanie Whitehurst.

Picture credit: mattbeee

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