WARM CLICK: A round-up of cost of living comms resources

We staged a second cost of living comms workshop this week.

This time we collected a range of web resources that people have built.

Dig in, take a look and see what you can learn.

Thanks to David Grindlay for logging these from the Public Sectior Comms Headspace session.

Links and resources

Cost of Living Support in Suffolk

Cost of Living Support in Basingstoke

Cost of Living support in Bristol

South Hams District Council Support Directory

Cost of Living Help in West Devon Borough Council

Cost of Living Support in Bromsgrove Council

Partners join forces to combat cost of living crisis

More money in my pocket by Wakefield Council

Support from Northumberland Council

Money advice Darlington Council

Benefits calculator by Falkirk Council

Cost of living help by Dorset Council

Cost of living support North Tyneside Council

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