TOP TIP: Why the question: ‘Who is your audience?’ is your most important

I just googled the phrase ‘Who is your audience?’ and got just over a million links.

It is the most important question a communicator can ask in 2022.

What, even more than ‘what’s your TikTok strategy? Or ‘Is your chief exec blogging?’

It’s much more important and I’d be prepared to say that it’ll be the most important question to ask next year and, you know what? in 10 years time, too.

Why? Because if you know who your audience is you’ll then be able to advise which channels to use and how to create the content. You can know this through research.

Success is creating the right content for the right audience be that a poster, a Facebook ad or an email.

Success is not creating the same content for everyone and thinking you’ve succeeded.

The days of mass pigeonhole distribution are long gone.

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