DIARY NOTE: Better start planning for the winter ahead

In one of the more sensible things I’ve heard economics, it is said, catches politics in the end.

In other words you can say something at the Despatch Box and eventually real life will catch up with you. 

And so to warnings of a £5,000 power bill in the New Year and if you stay with this blog to the end I will end with a joke, I promise.

Before that joke, aside from the pain of trying to find the money yourself for public sector communications this is also likely to land with the day job. 

Heating or eating? 

Council tax or heating or eating? 

Mortgage or rent or heating or heating? 

Candles or heating or eating?

The late Terry Pratchett told us that civilization is two meals and twenty-four hours away from barbarism.

The impact on the NHS, police, local government, central government and fire and rescue over the winter may be pronounced. Social housing and third sector too. 

Better start the planning.

Lastly, that joke.

Q: Why did the energy bill cross the road?

A: Because it was sellotaped to the chicken.

I’m here all week.

Do try the veal.

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