SUMMER TIME: And here is your deckchair reading and listening

Summer is almost here and the time is right for relaxing in deckchairs. If you can.

This week, I’ve crowdsourced some ideas for books and podcasts to dive into while you’re catching the rays.

So, You’ve Been Publicly Shamed is Jon Ronson’s book that traces back to early incidents where the internet shamed an individual. What makes one person curl up in shame? Or makes another person be shameless. It’s a fascinating book.

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. Ever wondered why people are more likely to believe things in bold? Or we assume good looking people are more competent. Recommended by Kirstie McDonald Buckley.

British Scandal is a history podcast with Alice Levine and Matt Ford that retraces over incidents from the past from Lord Lucan to Litvinenko. Recommended by Ghazala Begum.

Humour, Seriously: Why Humour is a Secret Weapon in Business and Life (and how anyone can harness it. Even you). Easy to read and with practical pointers about creating opportunity for joy and levity at work. Recommended by Lisa Potter.

Tremors in the Blood: Murder, Obsession and the Birth of the Lie Detector is an audiobook of crime being solved by San Fransisco police. Lovely escapism. Recommended by Ben Whitehouse.

No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram by Sarah Frier tells the story of the rise of the photo platform based on a forensic study and dozens of interviews. Recommended by Carolyne Mitchell.

Museum social media, TikTok and Engaging Gen Z. A thoroughly engaging one-off podcast with Abby Bird the marketing manager of the Black Country Living Museum on how she built the museum’s TikTok world-famous reputation.

How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything by Mike Berners-Lee. Sustainability a good place to start. Recommended by Claire-Melia-Tomkins.

Panic as Man Burns Crumpets: The Vanishing World of the Local Journalist by Roger Lytollis. If you’ve ever, ever spent time working for or reading the local rag you will love this more than crisps. Recommended by Sharon Dunbar.

The Joy of Small Things by Hannah Jane Parkinson. It’s a place to go for light hearted relief. Recommended by David Grindlay.

Don’t Tell Me The Score podcast. What sport can teach you about life. Lovely escapism. Recommended by Kirsty Groundwater.

The Coming Storm podcast. The story of QAnon on the face of it is primed to be a chance to laugh at gullible people. At some point your smile will fall as you realise they’re not joking and the story isn’t over.

Enjoy. Thanks to everyone who chipped in with an idea.

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