NEWS LIST: Here’s how big local news brands in the UK now are online

This is useful, a list of online audiences for news organisations.

Press Gazette published this list for March 2022 online here.

Why its useful is that it looks at national titles and local titles equally.

They’re not newspapers anymore, either. They are news brands That embraces the fact that they’re often in print (declining) but also online (increasing).

Here it is:

And also…

What the numbers say

Leading the pack on 38.7 million is the BBC.

But what’s striking is the number of local titles and very often Reach titles led by Manchester Evening News 17.5 million in 10th, and Birmingham Live 11.1 million on 19th and Liverpool Echo 10.8 million 20th.

Examiner Live is 29th on 6.2 million, My London 6 million in 31st, Newcastle’s Chronicle Live 5.4 million (32nd), Hull Live 3.9 million (38th), Lancashire Live 3.3 million (45th), Bristol Live 3.3 million (46th),Nottinghamshire Live 3.2 million (48th) and Leeds Live 3.2 million (49th).

All this points to the importance of local titles in the media landscape.

There are those, of course, who will point out that the content mix of Reach titles in the mix is low on news and high on culture war memes like this one.

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