FILM VIEW: Video will continue to grow as a channel for marketers in 2022

As 2022 gets into gear, the useful stats are starting to be published and for those interested in video use this year’s Wyzowl stats are out.

The UK and US based company have seven years experience mapping attitudes amongst marketers.

While Ofcom is the gold standard for what UK consumers are watching Wyzowl’s stats are handy to read the trends for marketeers omn how to use video to get in front of them.

Don’t use the data as a template but instead use it as an indication of direction of travel.

Wyzowl stats for how marketeers will use video in 2022

92 per cent of marketers continue to value video as an important part of their strategy.

79 per cent of marketers who don’t use video aim to start in 2022.

48 per cent say the pandemic has made them use video more.

74 per cent of marketers create video explainers.

68 per cent of marketers create video for social media.

88 per cent expect to make video for YouTube in 2022.

68 per cent expect to make video for LinkedIn in 2022.

65 per cent expect to make video for Facebook in 2022.

33 per cent aim to make video for TikTok in 2022.


Video is growing as a platform used by consumers in the UK. Marketers would appear to grow their use of video.

Perhaps surprising ion marketers’ channels to target is LinkedIn with more than two thirds – twice the rate for TikTok.

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